Residential Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery For Homeowners

We offer a wide range of tree surgery services for residential properties. All work is fully insured and carried out by our highly experienced professional tree surgeons.

Crown Thinning

Are your trees casting a bit too much shade? No need to cut them down. We can carefully thin the crowns of trees to let in more light.

Crown Reshaping

Trees don’t always grow the way you’d like them to – and storm damage can leave them top-heavy or off-balance. So we can restore their proportions by reducing, lifting or reshaping tree crowns.


Expert pruning and removing dead branches helps to maintain and improve the health of your trees.

Tree Safety

When damaged trees or overhanging boughs become dangerous, give us a call. We are very experienced at safely trimming and removing large or dangerous tree limbs to make them safe.

Dismantling Trees

Problem trees can’t always be felled in one piece. Sometimes they need to be dismantled in pieces. We use ropes and pulleys to control tree sections as we lower them safely to the ground.

Large Tree Dismantling

Dismantling large trees is often safer than simply felling them, but may need more than ropes and pulleys to do the job properly. We have years of experience of working with cranes to safely dismantle large trees.


Coppicing trees by felling them at the base, then letting them regrow, provides fast, sustainable timber supplies and can be great for wildlife. Call us for expert help with woodland management.


Pollarding removes upper tree branches to harvest leaves or timber, or just to stop them growing too tall. Expert pollarding can also be ornamental, and can keep the tree healthy for longer – but it’s easy to get wrong. Don’t risk killing your tree through inexpert pruning – give us a call!


Felling a tree may look simple, but it can be very dangerous if you get it wrong. We are experts at felling trees of all sizes safely and efficiently.

Thinning & Re-spacing

Trees planted in groups sometimes grow too close together and need to be thinned out or re-spaced. With established roots, that can be hard work – so get in touch and let us help!

Fruit Tree Maintenance

Growing your own apples, pears, plums or other tree fruit? We can help to improve your harvest through expert pruning and maintenance of your fruit trees.

Ground Works

Do you manage large gardens, woodlands or a commercial property? We can carry out ground maintenance to maintain a neat and tidy appearance of your property's green spaces.

Stump Excavation

After felling a tree, digging out the stump can still be a big task. So let the experts do it - get in touch today!

Stump Grinding
Tree stumps can be hard to remove, so sometimes it is better to grind a stubborn stump down and leave the roots in the ground to decay naturally. That sounds easy until you try it. We have the equipment and expertise you need.

Specimen Tree & Group Planting
From saplings to large trees, we can assist with planting individual specimen trees or larger groups like copses, orchards and woodlands.

Hedge Trimming & Shaping
From a simple trim to expert shaping and long-term topiary, we can help you tame your hedges.

Tree Preservation Order Work
We are fully qualified and insured for Tree Preservation Area and Conservation Area work. We liaise closely with local councils and professional tree consultants for the best results.

Problems with your trees?

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